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We Built This City

Keith and Sara Nelkin were both born and raised locally in Maryland. While growing up, they respectively had dynamic wonderful life changing experiences going to summer camps. They met in the 90s at the University of Maryland as part of the Improv Team Erasable Inc. They share a passion for performance, visual art, engineering, and sports. When they had children of their own, they wanted to give their kids and their community a truly magical and amazing summer camp experience. This was the creation of Impulse City.

We wanted to create an atmosphere where anything is possible (and children have lots of ideas) and we provide the structure and scaffolding to make it safe and have it succeed. So we bring in petting zoos, bounce houses, and slip and slides. We put on Rock N' Roll Revivals with live bands and put on main stage shows like Encanto, Matilda, and the Wizard of Oz. We compete in Superbowls, have Art Gallery Shows, and Tech Expos. We find the absolute BEST teachers so that your family has a place to grow, and share, and learn. 

Impulse City is based on choice, where it's more fun to do something when you've chosen that activity. That's why we offer so many different classes. We learn by doing, creating, and discovering. Learning is fun when you're in a community and you're working towards something that's bigger than just yourself. 

Try a class or a week of camp to see the magic for yourself. We know your family will love it!

We believe:


Behind every behavior is a need.

Everyone's brain sees things differently.

Learning to work together, even during disagreements is a key to success!

We use words to express ourselves, never violence.

We all deserve recognition and love!

Attention = Love!
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