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Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a deadline for refunds and exchanges? Yes, after May 26, we are unable to provide refunds and process exchanges. Please make sure your plans are set by this date. We are strict about our numbers for each camp, so exchanges are only available if there are open spots in your desired camp, regardless of when you make the change. Please note that some camps fill up in the very early spring. 

What should campers wear? Campers should dress for the weather -- generally shorts and t-shirts, with good-traction shoes. KEEN's are such a popular footwear choice that we highly recommend labeling them with your name!

What should we pack for snacks and lunches? Hearty, healthy snacks are appreciated. Usually a fruit/veggie, a protein, a beverage, and a treat make a sufficient camp-day snack for most kids. We have a water cooler available for refilling water bottles, and supplemental snacks should anyone forget. For full-day campers, add a second drink, another protein food, and extra fruits and veggies to fill them up at lunch. Remember, camp is an active day of learning and engaging creatively with others; we find campers are very hungry and sometimes more tired than usual post-camp (i.e. some younger kids go back to taking naps after the morning session!)

What is the protocol for pick-up and drop-off? Campers should check in with one of our Directors at the beginning of each day and then head to their assigned group to start the day with their counselors. At the end of the day, campers will check out with their group counselors before getting into their cars to go home.

What is Water Day? How should I prepare for it? During the summer, Wednesday is Water Day at Impulse City. This means our morning outside time is dominated by water activities: sprinklers, water games and water tables. In the afternoon, a giant slip and slide, chalk drawing, finger painting, and sometimes even water balloons are on the schedule. It is best for your child to arrive at camp on Wednesday wearing their swimsuit under their clothes. Pack underwear, dry clothes and a towel into a bag and bring it with your snack or lunch. After water play, we return to other programming so a towel and dry clothes feel great for crafting and creating later in the day.

How many staff members do you have? For most weeks we have about 15 counselors -- we also have 2 directors, 4 program directors, and the Camp Nurse who works with all campers.

Who is the camp nurse? Our camp nurse, Nancy Ross is a Registered Nurse and a local Super Mom of 4 wonderful children. Our staff are all trained in CPR/First Aid to handle any campers' medications and take care of ouchies and boo-boos. So, we're all in good hands.

What do I need to do if my child needs medication at camp? For any medications (prescription, emergency or over-the-counter) parents will need to provide the medication in its original container with current prescription information (Child's Name, medication name, prescribing directions, and Dr. Name) on it. For OTC medications, like Advil or Benadryl, please write your child's name on the box or container itself. All medications MUST be accompanied by the Medication Administration Authorization Form, filled out completely and signed by your child's doctor. We cannot accept medications without this essential form. 

Do I need to fill out any special forms for Sunscreen? No, we do not need to receive any special paperwork for you to send sunscreen with your child. 

What age does my child need to be to attend Impulse City? The current minimum age for Full Day and Super Day Impulse City is 5 years old. Campers who are four years old are welcome to attend half day camps only.

Should I send my 5 or 6 year old for a full-day or half-day? If they have been attending Full Day Kindergarten, then they'll do fine with a Full Day of camp. We're happy to discuss it with you. Please contact the

What is the difference between your Hyattsville site and your College Park site 

Both of our sites offer similar fun, enriching programming! They follow the same themes and general schedule. Try checking out both to discover their individual charms!

Hyattsville: 6800 Adelphi Rd, Hyattsville MD 20782 (hosted at University Christian Church).
College Park: 4512 College Ave, College Park, MD 20740 (hosted at St. Andrews Episcopal Church).

Is your program religious? We rent these beautiful spaces, but our program is not religious. We focus on education, learning, mastery of skills, social and emotional growth. We do this in a kind and caring community where everyone is welcome.


What is Impulse City? We are an enrichment and learning center that teaches classes in Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Engineering, Sports, and Games. We put on mainstage shows like our Rock and Roll Revival, Encanto, Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Wizard of Oz, and more! We run classes throughout the Fall, Winter and Spring terms to build personal portfolios and put on events including Art Gallery Shows, Tech Expos, and Superbowls. We facilitate safe fun grounded in a nurturing and caring community. Our focus is to promote learning, growth, mastery of skills, development of social and emotional intelligence, cooperation, and executive function skills through fun and inspired programming.

When are school year classes offered? Our Fall, Winter and Spring terms run Monday-Friday from 2pm-6pm for most weeks of the school year.

How do I enroll? You can sign up for individual classes on our website. If you're interested in coming every day, please email:

How much do enrichment classes cost? If you sign up for all of our classes (running M-F from 2-6pm), the cost is $180/week -- that comes out to about $9 an hour. If you're signing up for individual classes, the cost is $12/hour. 

Payment Methods


We accept payment in many ways:

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Zelle

- Venmo
- Paypal

- Cash or checks made out to 'Impulse City'

Please contact us if you are having trouble making a payment through any of these methods. 



When you purchase a Class or Camp, you will receive a digital pass (ticket) that you can download. 

Similar to when you buy a concert ticket or a lift ticket to go skiing, a pass allows full access for your student to attend classes or camps at the specified time and location. 

Once you download your pass, you have received the product, no further shipping is required. Impulse City and its owners do not guarantee anything else. It is up to the purchaser to use the benefits of the ticket according to the schedule written on the ticket.

Complete Camper Forms

Parents are expected to return all completed camp forms at least two weeks before camp to: or mailed to 6800 Adelphi Road, Hyattsville, MD 20782. No campers are allowed to be at camp without completed Registration Forms. No medications are allowed to stay at camp without proper documentation (i.e. the MDA Form, plus the medication in the original packaging with prescription information on the container or child’s name written on the packaging for over-the-counter medications.)


Campers are responsible for their belongings and Impulse City is not responsible for lost or broken personal items. Please leave electronics, money, trading cards and toys at home. 


Terms of Service

All campers are expected to follow Impulse City’s Rules. Failure to follow the rules may result in dismissal from camp without a refund. Please review the rules with your camper.

Each camp registration includes a $50 non-refundable registration fee per week.

Please make sure you know which weeks your child will attend camp before registering.

Exchanges are subject to availability. 

There will be no refunds or exchanges for a camp or class that has already started.

Refunds and Exchanges are not guaranteed.

There are no refunds and exchanges given after May 26, 2024. 

Please only sign up for classes and camps that you know your student will attend. 

If a camp or class is cancelled for any reason by Impulse City, the purchaser will be given a ticket to a different camp or class of equal value. Impulse City reserves all rights 2024.

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