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Spring Forward

Spring Classes will run
March 13 - May 26th 2023

College Park Schedule of Classes

College Park Spring Classes.png

Hyattsville Schedule of Classes


We are kid centered

community driven

Kid Centered and Community Driven means:


  • Creating SAFE and INCLUSIVE spaces by:

    • Building Community, first and foremost

    • Modeling inclusive behaviors and language 

    • Sharing clear expectations of behavior and learning 

    • Leading with LOVE 

    • Paying it forward through kindness and respect

    • Seeing the good in each child

    • Teaching children to grow into who they are meant to be 

  • Providing VOICE and CHOICE in our daily schedule:

    • Students have input on what they are learning

    • Students have choices on the outcomes 

    • Students have a say in their knowledge acquisition 

  • Prioritizing Time for Social Emotional Learning through:

    • Helping students learn self care strategies 

    • Facilitating collaboration between students

    • Maintaining a balance of sharing love and setting healthy boundaries   

  • Hosting Celebrations of Learning with:

    • Performances 

    • Art Shows 

    • Tech Expos

    • Sports Playoffs

    • Community events 

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