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Join us for a divine week of Gods, Heroes, and Olympians. Will you wield Lightning Bolts like Zeus or Fly on winged boots like Hermes? Maybe you'll make people fall in love like Aphrodite or you'll make the music of Apollo. We'll also be learning how to play Olympic Sports including: baseball, basketball, soccer, field hockey, handball, volleyball, and table tennis. We'll see who can pop the most balloons and throw the javelin through the hula hoop. Artists will model, paint, draw, and color creatures like Giants, Harpies, Sirens, Chimera and more! Engineers will design and build catapults, minotaur mazes, chariots, and other greek themed inventions. Performers will create their own comedy with masks in the tradition of Aristophanes. Come make friends and play and pretend in an ancient world of magic, mythology, and fun!

Greek Gods, Heroes, and Olympians July 24-28th Superday: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm

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