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Join us as we travel by X-Wing, Imperial Starship, or Razor Crest to a Galaxy Far Far Away. Are you strong in the Force like Rey? Are you a good smuggler like Han Solo? Are you a bounty hunter? Step aboard the Millennium Falcon, confront Kylo Ren and help save the day! Each Jedi will design and build their own lightsaber. We'll spend the week making Star Wars inspired art, running outside, imagining and pretending to be in exotic worlds from the Star Wars universe including Tatooine, Pasaana, Cloud City, Degobah, and the the Forest Moon of Endor. We'll play BB-8 soccer and the floor is the lava planet Mustafar! We'll perform Droid construction/maintenance on models K2, R2, IG11, BB8, and C3P0. May the force be with you, always!

Jedi Training Academy, July 31-Aug 4th Mornings: Mon-Fri 9am-12pm

SKU: 230801

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