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Welcome to Impulse City – the place for year round learning, friendship, fun, and creative play in Prince Georges County. Check out our new programs for eleven weeks of summer camps and after school enrichment classes featuring visual arts, theater, dance, sports & games, STEM, and much more! Learn to think on your feet. Play nicely with others. We have camps, classes, and structured programming for children ages 5-16. Impulse City is a great way for your child to make memories and friends, to develop their confidence and improve their skills while supported by a nurturing community.

We are kid centered

community driven

Kid Centered and Community Driven means:


  • Creating SAFE and INCLUSIVE spaces by:

    • Building Community, first and foremost

    • Modeling inclusive behaviors and language 

    • Sharing clear expectations of behavior and learning 

    • Leading with LOVE 

    • Paying it forward through kindness and respect

    • Seeing the good in each child

    • Teaching children to grow into who they are meant to be 

  • Providing VOICE and CHOICE in our daily schedule:

    • Students have input on what they are learning

    • Students have choices on the outcomes 

    • Students have a say in their knowledge acquisition 

  • Prioritizing Time for Social Emotional Learning through:

    • Helping students learn self care strategies 

    • Facilitating collaboration between students

    • Maintaining a balance of sharing love and setting healthy boundaries   

  • Hosting Celebrations of Learning with:

    • Performances 

    • Art Shows 

    • Tech Expos

    • Sports Playoffs

    • Community events 

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